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Last Update July 1, 2021



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Seasons greetings FCM Members! 

The FCM team would like to thank all boaters for their patience during our busy haul out season. With your cooperation, the crew were able to wrap everything up before the snow and ice headed our way. A huge thank you goes out to our Lift Crew, who worked incredibly hard to make this happen.


Foundry Cove Marina would like to wish the best of luck to Tristen as he steps out on his own. Moving forward, our customers can send service related requests or questions to info@foundrycovemarina.com




July 1, 2021 Update


Happy Canada Day Everyone! As more members arrive for the long weekend, we wanted to thank you for your continued patience through COVID restrictions and change in ownership, as well update you on the progress to some of our services.


Our Pump-Out is now running. For the first couple of weeks, we ask that Members find staff on-site for assistance. Once every Member has been walked through how to use the Pump-Out machine, it will be self serve. If you cannot find anyone in the yard, please call the office 705-549-2641.

Laundry has now been installed. Since the washing machine is a front loading machine, we kindly ask that Members use ONLY H.E detergent. A wash cycle will be $3 and the dryer is $1 for 20 minutes.

Our WIFI is still a work in progress. Technicians have been out, and are waiting on final parts, which have been delayed due to COVID. Until technicians arrive for the final installation, WIFI is available in and around the Chandlery under Foundry_Guest. 

Lastly, we would like to welcome Courtney aboard the FCM team. She will be in the office taking calls, and around the yard if you need anything. Summer office hours are 8:30-5 Monday-Saturday, and 9:30-6 on Sunday.  

Cheers to a great boating season,

Foundry Cove Marina Staff









June 7, 2021 Update

Member Rules and Compliance

Now that the season is finally here, we kindly ask that all members help to keep our Marina clean. We can all do our part to improve and keep the premises safe and free of garbage and debris.  

Please Label items on the property.  I.E. Items that are stored: trailers, dinghy's, masts etc.  

Members who provided and completed their own shrink wrapping this Fall at FCM:

All excess material/wrapping/lumber waste must be removed from the marina.  Additionally, please note that used shrink wrap/tarps, and coverings are not permitted to be disposed of in marina garbage bins.

If you would like marina staff to dispose on your behalf, we will do so.  However, a $75.00 + HST disposal fee will apply.

For members who work on their own vessel: 

Please note that disposal of any and all materials pertaining to your maintenance i.e. oil, filters, related fluids, parts, Etc., is strictly prohibited for disposal at FCM.  If you have completed work on your vessel, ensure you dispose of any and all materials offsite.

Cradles/Trailers/Stands -Seasonal Storage Fees:

Boat Cradles, trailers, and stands can be stored at the marina for a seasonal fee of $250.00 + HST. (Annual customers excluded).  We will ensure they are stored safely, and are ready for use accordingly. (Please Label Items)

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at info@foundrycovemarina.com or call us at (705) 549-2641 and leave a message if we are unable to answer at that moment.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.


You are still welcome to do your own work on your own boat, but any outside contracting will have to be arranged through Tristen and all outside contractors will need to show proof of adequate insurance and WSIB compliance. This is a requirement of the property insurance policy of Foundry Cove Marina, just as at most marinas in Ontario.


We very much appreciate your business and look forward to being of service to you for many years to come.

Launch Ramp - (Please Note: the new launch ramp will not be completed until 2022) 

Your Foundry Cove Marina Family