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 Storage Rates

Winter Storage

October 1st to April 30th

Winter Storage Package Includes:

Fall haul out, bottom wash, outside storage and spring launch.  

*Inside Winter Storage is an additional $27.15 per foot and subject to availability.

L.O.A - Length Overall measured from bow pulpit to swim platform

    min 25'          $39.50/ft.

26' to 30'          $41.50/ft.

31' to 40'          $44.50/ft.

41' and over      $47.00/ft.

Dry Land Storage

(A surcharge will be applied if hydro is used more than occasionally.)

Set Rate:

$7.00/ft. per month

Haul or Launch Each Way

With Customers Trailer   $50.00

Without Customers Trailer   $70.00

Launch/Haul Out

Up to 25'.     $9.00/ft.

26' to 30'.  $10.00/ft.

31' to 35'    $11.00/ft.

36' to 40'.   $12.00/ft.

41 to 45'     $13.00/ft.


Up to 25'    $4.00/ft.

26' to 40'     $4.50/ft.

41' and over.  $6.60/ft.

Hull Power Wash

Bottom Wash (with anti-fouled bottom).    $5.00/ft.

Bottom Wash (without anti-foul)             $8.00/ft.

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